Greek Mathematical Works, Volume II: Aristarchus to Pappus — Ivor Thomas | Harvard University Press

Greek mathematics from the sixth century BCE to the fourth century CE is represented by the work of, e.g., Pythagoras; Proclus; Thales; Democritus; Hippocrates of Chios; Theaetetus; Plato; Eudoxus of Cnidus; Aristotle; Euclid; Eratosthenes; Apollonius; Ptolemy; Heron of Alexandria; Diophantus; and Pappus. — Read on

‘Reprogramming the American Dream’: Microsoft CTO returns to rural roots to find the future of AI – GeekWire

Kevin Scott is Microsoft’s chief technology officer, its executive vice president of AI and Research, and the author, with Greg Shaw, of the new book, “Reprogramming the American Dream: From Rural America to Silicon Valley, Making AI Serve Us All.” Scott, who joined Microsoft with its acquisition of… — Read on