EMPOWERMENT HUBS — the 21st century alternative to “schools” the world needs to create | by Marc Prensky | Aug, 2020 | Medium

IN THE 21st CENTURY parents have no alternative to “school” for their kids. They need one, however, because the concept of school is fast becoming outdated and no longer a good fit for many kids. We… — Read on medium.com/@marcprensky/empowerment-hubs-b845391bfb4

What happens when an algorithm gets it wrong | MIT Technology Review

In the first of a four-part series on FaceID, host Jennifer Strong explores the false arrest of Robert Williams by police in Detroit. The odd thing about Willliams’s ordeal wasn’t that police used face recognition to ID him—it’s that the cops told him about it. There’s no law saying they have to. The episode starts…Continue reading “What happens when an algorithm gets it wrong | MIT Technology Review”