qube is the virtual office that enables you to work remotely. See who’s chatting with coworkers, out of the office, or on lunch break. qube empowers virtual office life by helping remote workers feel connected and grounded. qube is more than just a replacement for physical walls. It’s a modern approach to a clean, personalizableContinue reading “qube”

Philosophers On GPT-3 (updated with replies by GPT-3) – Daily Nous

Nine philosophers explore the various issues and questions raised by the newly released language model, GPT-3, in this edition of Philosophers On, guest edited by Annette Zimmermann. Introduction Annette Zimmermann, guest editor GPT-3, a powerful, 175 billion parameter language model developed recently by OpenAI, has been galvanizing public debate and controversy. As the MIT Technology Review putsContinue reading “Philosophers On GPT-3 (updated with replies by GPT-3) – Daily Nous”