Artificial Intelligence: Principles and Techniques | Stanford Online

Artificial Intelligence has emerged as an increasingly impactful discipline in science and technology. AI applications are embedded in the infrastructure of many products and industries search engines, medical diagnoses, speech recognition, robot control, web search, advertising and even toys. This professional course provides a broad overview of modern artificial intelligence. Learn how machines can engageContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence: Principles and Techniques | Stanford Online”

Who will win the epic battle for online meeting hegemony? | ZDNet

The pandemic has focused much of the remote worker experience like a laser on the lowly online meeting, where many workers now spend so much of their work day now. Stalwarts like Cisco and HCL are facing intense competition from upstarts like Zoom and Slack as well as industry heavyweights Google and especially Microsoft. —Continue reading “Who will win the epic battle for online meeting hegemony? | ZDNet”

The 10 Best AI And Data Science Undergraduate Courses For 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science skills are in huge demand. A global skills shortage in these fields means the job prospects for anyone with skills in AI and data science is massive. Here we look at the top ten undergraduate degree courses available today. — Read on