Microsoft Teams’ new Together Mode is designed for pandemic-era meetings – The Verge

Microsoft is adding a lot of new features to Microsoft Teams. A new Together Mode uses AI to place everyone in a meeting in a virtual auditorium. Teams is also getting emoji reactions, a dynamic view, and lots more. — Read on

An update on our work on AI and responsible innovation

AI is a powerful tool that will have a significant impact on society for many years to come, from improving sustainability around the globe to advancing the accuracy of disease screenings. As a leader in AI, we’ve always prioritized the importance of understanding its societal implications and developing it in a way that gets itContinue reading “An update on our work on AI and responsible innovation”

Open Neural Network Exchange Brings Interoperability to Machine Learning Frameworks – The New Stack

The extreme disparity of hardware and software in the machine learning ecosystem introduces complexity and friction. The Open Neural Network Exchange aims to fix this. — Read on

The global AI agenda: The Middle East and Africa | MIT Technology Review

This report is part of “The global AI agenda,” a thought leadership program by MIT Technology Review Insights examining how organizations are using AI today and planning to do so in the future. Featuring a global survey of 1,004 AI experts conducted in January and February 2020, it explores AI adoption, leading use cases, benefits, and…Continue reading “The global AI agenda: The Middle East and Africa | MIT Technology Review”