Our work to move data portability forward

Editor’s note: Google and the Data Transfer Project recently submitted comments to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) about data portability. Ahead of tomorrow’s “Data To Go” workshop with the FTC, we’re sharing an overview of our work along with some updates.When it’s easy for people to move their data to competing products, the pressure isContinue reading “Our work to move data portability forward”

Online ABC Learning Designer in a (Google) spreadsheet | Carnet de François Jourde

The tool here presented (by François Jourde and Erwan Gallenne) is based on the methodology ABC Learning Design, a project developed at University College London (UCL): ABC Learning Design @ UCL. ABC Learning design was developed by Clive Young and Nataša Perović in 2014. The ABC Learning Design & the six learning types Although originally…Continue reading “Online ABC Learning Designer in a (Google) spreadsheet | Carnet de François Jourde”

Interesting AI/ML Articles You Should Read This Week (Sep 19) | by Richmond Alake | Sep, 2020 | Towards Data Science

The content AI and ML articles on Medium typically follow current events that are occurring in the AI industry, for example, when GPT-3 got released by OpenAI, there was an influx of GPT-3 associated… — Read on towardsdatascience.com/interesting-ai-ml-articles-you-should-read-this-week-sep-19-92ee6b14c12c