How Hands-on Majors Take on Virtual Learning | Est. 1933

By Juliana Walter With uncertainty looming about the 2020 Fall semester at college campuses all over the country, most departments at The University of Tampa have prepared their classes for the possibility of transitioning back to online learning. Last Spring brought many challenges to education on all levels. Hands-on arts majors, such as film and…Continue reading “How Hands-on Majors Take on Virtual Learning | Est. 1933”

Have colleges seized or missed an opportunity to improve remote learning? (opinion)

Too few seized this fall’s unique opportunity to truly reimagine how they offer virtual education, and student dissatisfaction — and ultimately budget pain — are likely to follow, Ryan Craig writes. — Read on

EMPOWERMENT HUBS — the 21st century alternative to “schools” the world needs to create | by Marc Prensky | Aug, 2020 | Medium

IN THE 21st CENTURY parents have no alternative to “school” for their kids. They need one, however, because the concept of school is fast becoming outdated and no longer a good fit for many kids. We… — Read on